How to join a club on Pokerhub

Joining a Pokerhub club is very easy. Below, we explain the steps to follow to do it.

Install Pokerhub App for iOS, Android or Windows

Pokerhub is a multiplatform app. You can play from any device and operating system: iOS or Android. In addition, you can download the desktop software to play from Windows.

Download the Pokerhub app from the following links:

Create an account or login as a guest

After downloading the Pokerhub app, you just need to create an account or login as a guest.

The first step is to choose the language you want to use in the app: English, Spanish, Portuguese or Russian. Then, you can enter with a guest profile or register with Facebook or Google.

If you want to register and create an account on Pokerhub, you will have to include your email and then enter the verification code that will be sent to your email. Remember that it may be sent to your spam folder.

By logging in with the guest profile, you receive an extra reward of +60 diamonds. But that’s not all! Every day you will receive a reward in the form of gold coins.

Search for the Pokerhub club you want to join

In the app lobby you will find 2 options: join a club or create your own club. To join the best Pokerhub clubs, you will need to know beforehand the ID of each club, the identification number with which you will be able to join. 


Once you have completed all these steps, you can start enjoying all the excitement and fun of poker in the games and tournaments organized by the club you belong to on Pokerhub. Have fun!