That casinos are a business and that the rules are designed for these recreational centers to make money is something that no one is unaware of.

Beyond being spaces where those who have money to bet can do so with the security offered by an enclosure designed for this purpose, casinos are designed so that losing money is not an option or, if it is, it is anecdotal. Because as the saying goes: “the bank always wins”. But it is not infallible. How to win at poker in a casino? Let’s see.

How do really casinos make money on poker?

To be honest, casinos have spaces that are not only designed for gambling but that make gambling a singular experience. The main one, but not the only one. Therefore, it is normal for casinos to be integrated into restaurants, bars or accommodation spaces such as hotels. All of this has a positive impact on the casino’s coffers, which see their income from gambling supplemented.

How do casinos make money on poker? Let’s see:

  • From the hotel and restaurant business. Casinos, especially in the United States, have bars, pubs and buffets. By consuming alcohol and being stuffed with food, something that in America seems a commandment, the casino not only gets some extra income, but also makes the player, having eaten a lot of food and having consumed some alcohol, slow reflexes and it is easier for him to lose money.
  • From gambling. Casinos get a large part of their income from the money that players themselves lose playing poker and other games. But it is complementary, because if a player wins, the casino must make the payout. And it can be important if the prize is a jackpot.
  • From complementary services. Many casinos, especially in America, offer complementary services or offer promotions to encourage the player to try his luck. The concept “try your luck” is an expression to retain the player and make him lose a little money in favor of the casino. 
  • From game modalities with low chances of winning. Many casinos offer game modes that have very low odds of winning. No game should be impossible, but some game modes are designed to reduce the winning probability rate.
  • From new game types to avoid specialization. The worst thing for a casino is for players to become experts in a game. How do you avoid that? By renewing it, changing the rules and offering extra incentives that allow them to “reset” the level of the players so that they are less likely to beat the bank.
  • Through variable rakes. The rake is the small percentage of bets that casinos charge for organizational costs. It is minimal, and many are bonus rakeback, but it is another source of casino revenue that allows the flow of capital into their coffers to be constant.

In addition, casinos have tactics designed for players to leave a little extra money before they leave:

  • Exits are hard to find. Especially if we are talking about large complexes. In the United States it is common to find rooms full of tables, machines and people, where finding your way around is complicated and finding the exit seems impossible at times.
  • They never close. In Europe only a few casinos stay open 24/7, but in America it is common to see casinos stay open day and night uninterrupted. This encourages the growth of the casinos’ coffers.

How to win at poker in a casino

There are many games available in a casino, but poker is the star. To have any chance of beating the dealer, you need to know how to play well and have a little bit of luck. Broadly speaking, these tips can come in handy when you are playing poker against the dealer in a casino.

  • You must have absolute mastery of tells. Live poker, the kind played in casinos, requires absolute control of body language. That’s basic if you want to know how to win at poker in a casino. That means you must be an expert at both reading other people tells and controlling your own. All live poker decision making is decided on the basis of what the player interprets from the others. If you are good at this, you are good at poker.
  • Play IP. Being aware of position is vital in live poker, and playing position is always better. This is something that can be extrapolated to online poker, but in live poker it is especially important.
  • Quit if you see that the game is going against you. If you have your head and your goal is really to beat the dealer, cushion damage. Withdrawing in time is better than staying in the game in an absurd way.
  • Bluffs, only in certain situations. To try to bluff you have to be a high-level player, in online poker and in live poker. We don’t doubt your abilities, but keep in mind that the dealer sees all types of players and will master body reading. It’s hard to match her on this, so a bluff won’t come your way just like that. You have to execute it smoothly, and for that you have to get it in at an opportune time. If you bluff wildly, you will lose right away.

These are just general tips on how to play poker well, but they will help you when you play a live poker game in a casino.