Playing in tournaments has become for many poker fans the best option when it comes to playing competitive games and trying to win a huge bounty of rewards.

There are several and different types of poker tournaments, each of them with their own peculiarities, so we are going to review some of the most common types of poker tournaments, so that you know which are the most common ones in the main online poker platforms, what their game is based on and which can be the best option when it comes to enter the exciting world of online poker.

MTT or multi-table tournaments

MTT tournaments are, for many, the ultimate type of tournament. We start with it because it is the most played type of tournament and the one that has become the most popular on the main platforms dedicated to online poker.

If there is something that characterizes multi-table poker tournaments is that they are extremely competitive. That is why they are almost always televised and widely followed by poker fans, since their high doses of competitiveness make them the most interesting type of tournament in all its variants.

What is the main attraction of such a competitive tournament? The possibility not only of earning a valuable reward, but the possibility of beating dozens of players at the same time at the different tables where you play your games. That simple fact is what makes many expert players want to beat their own records of eliminations, in order to surpass their own numbers.

As the name suggests, in an MTT tournament there are several tables made up of players from the same tournament. All players participating will be on equal footing. The game begins when the registered players are dealt the same number of points, competing against each other to take those points away from their opponents. Those who run out of points will be eliminated, and those who keep their points will move on to the next phase until only one player remains, the winner of the tournament.

It is important to mention that, although MTT tournaments are a type of poker tournament, within the multi-table tournaments there can be a wide range of types of tournaments in each platform that should be discovered. The particularities of each competition make each type of multi-table tournament unique.

Spin & Go tournaments

Spin & Go tournaments, also known as SnG tournaments or spin tournaments, are a type of hyper-turbo Sit & Go tournament in which players buy-in for a specific amount and, moments before the game starts, the prize pool increases randomly, allowing any of the players to win a very high reward.

After multi-table tournaments, Spin & Go tournaments are the most popular. A good part of the blame lies in their frenetic pace, since it is a tournament that is played at breakneck speed where the reading speed, the interpretation of the game at a good pace and a great ability to make quick and correct decisions are the most important.

Commonly called simply “Spins tournaments”, Spin & Go tournaments have multipliers that are the real sauce of the game. The simple possibility of seeing the final prize multiplied up to an exorbitant amount makes more and more players become staunch followers of Spin tournaments.

Despite their tremendous accessibility, SnG tournaments are not intended for novice players. The extreme speed with which the game is played means that only the most experienced players are suitable for these competitions. There is always a first time for everything, but it is advisable not to start playing at full speed in Spin tournaments if you do not have a minimum of experience.

It is necessary, therefore, to develop specific skills to speed up decision making and process all the information that is normally worked during poker. This means that you have to be a real poker professional to be suitable for Spin tournaments, since in these tournaments the premise is to apply everything you have learned so far, but at a devilishly faster pace.

Poker satellite tournaments

Poker satellite tournaments are competitions with lower buy-ins that allow winning an entry to tournaments with higher buy-ins. They are, so to speak, qualifying tournaments, a springboard to the big tournaments and a splendid option for those who want to play them, but paying a lower buy-in.

The dynamics of these tournaments is quite similar to the rest of conventional tournaments. They are not as fast-paced as the Spin tournaments, but they offer games in each modality that allow all players to enjoy their favorite poker variant in a points structure.