Poker trackers are programs designed to store and analyze data related to the games played, which, when used in the long term, allow obtaining useful data such as game trends, styles, responses to strategies and analysis of plays and hands.

They are a very useful tool for keeping track of results. But there are many trackers and not all of them collect the same data or do it in the same way, so how to choose one tracker over another?

Below, we analyze the 5 best poker trackers that you can find at the moment. Is there any of them we can use at no cost? Which ones are the best free poker trackers, if there’s any available? Or, do we have to pay for using all of them?

The 5 best poker trackers nowadays

Among the best poker trackers, these 5 are the best of the best. Each one has its own characteristic features and may not satisfy all players, as it will depend on the preferences of each user, but all of them have enjoyed good reviews and are a good option both to analyze your game and that of your opponents and to download the hands and analyze them in depth later:

Pocker Tracker 4

This is the best tracker for downloading hands at the moment. It is one of the most complete and offers a wide range of statistics to identify without complications the weak points of your game and exploit the successes of the opponent’s game, which you can then put into practice during a poker game with lower-level players for training.

It allows you to keep an organized record of every play, including your own hands. Of course, it analyzes all the hands of the opponents and saves them so that you can take a look at them later.

Its software also allows you to identify the most important mistakes in your game and can help you eliminate them while you focus on what you did get right. This helps a lot to understand the play and to differentiate a bad play from a potential play that did not go well. Therefore, it will help you improve your decision making in the future.

Poker Tracker 4 features real-time metrics. The Vector HUD allows you to use the world’s most advanced HUD in your online poker games. It is a unique interface, designed for quick decision making and allows you to choose between full statistics or analyze only the current table data.

It also has advanced filters to show only the data you choose. For example, you can choose to display only the stacks sizes of the tournaments.

In addition, it counts the stack size based on the bb of each hand, and reviews and marks hands in real time as you play.

Time Mojo

It is one of the most appreciated softwares to increase the winning ratio. It has tools to protect you from plays that you cannot detect if you face opponents of higher level than yours, and sends help messages with hints without having to write down the data on paper. Time Mojo displays all the contents in real time to facilitate your queries.

The HUD has a pop-up window with data that is stored to be taken into account in future games. In addition, it has extensive customization options and a minimalist design to eliminate non-essential information from the screen.

Notecaddy Edge 3.0

Although it was born as a mere add-on for hand downloading programs, it is currently considered on its own merits as one of the best poker trackers to collect data on poker moves and analyze them.

Since its origin, it has focused on working with hand histories, identifying habits, patterns and weaknesses. It has almost 300 definitions and more than fifty standard marks for Hold’em alone, similar numbers for Omaha and also has its own repertoire of marks and definitions for Sit & Go players.

One of the strengths of the software is that it also allows you to purchase specific packages of tools depending on whether you play poker or if you are more into betting games.

Hold’em Manager 3

It is one of the best programs focused on Texas Hold’em. It has several versions that have been updated, but for many the third iteration of Hold’em Manager is undoubtedly the best.

For those who are die-hard fans of the American form of poker, this is the best tool. It lacks the ambivalent character of the rest and has the handicap that you will have to get used to another software if you decide to try another modality with a tracker, but if by now you are convinced that you are not going to change variant, we recommend that you spend time with Hold’em Manager 3: it is one of the best options for those who want to specialize in Texas Hold’em and analyze its plays.

Advanced Poker HUD

The enormous amount of data it is capable of storing makes it one of the most recommended options for those who want to analyze their moves after the games.

Not only is data management its strong point, but it is even able to establish profiles based on the saved data, studying specific moves, analyzing patterns to try to predict moves and allows you to apply filters to create custom statistics (for example, if in a particular game we want to store a specific type of data.