Poker is a game that can be enjoyed with friends or alone. If you have a group of friends who are fond of the game, you can enjoy an experience with a very interesting social component, which makes the experience feel closer and equally competitive. Let’s play online poker with friends!

Playing with friends doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy visceral and genuine poker. In fact, we are going to give you a series of guidelines so that you can beat them and get to enjoy a poker game where you can beat your friends at poker and be the champion among your social core.

Tips for beating your friends in poker

Beat your friends at poker is your main goal, or it should be. Broadly speaking, to beat your friends you won’t have to do anything different.

Playing against players you know doesn’t change anything, but you should keep in mind several aspects that can make your life easier and that can slightly alter the experience compared to playing against players who are not part of your circle of trust.

Here you have some tips in order to know how to win at poker when playing with friends:

  • Continue to analyze their body language. One of the most common mistakes when playing poker with friends is that, since you already know your opponents, you stop “monitoring” their tells and things can slip your attention. That’s when your friends, who are equally competitive, detect you and take advantage of that weakness. Therefore, you should continue to pay attention to what your friends’ language is telling you. They, like you, will try new things.
  • Experiment with new tactics. Games with friends are the best playground for trying new things. In poker and in life, experiments are best with soda pop, but if you want to test with real fire some tactic you just read about, this is the time and place. Much better among friends than in a game where the villain could be doing with you whatever he wants.
  • Base your game on trial and error. This is something you should avoid in any other type of game, but playing with friends it is advisable to be guided by trial-and-error tactics. Try, experiment, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, comment on plays with friends to learn where the mistake is and take all that learning with you to the games where you really have to beat the rest.
  • Take the games seriously. The key to learning is not to take these games with friends as seriously as they deserve. Yes, it is an informal game, but if you take it just as a game, it is best that you do not seek to improve your game, but to have a good time. Playing seriously, but with the confidence that these games with friends give you is the key.
  • It is in your best interest to play tight when they play loose. Most of the time, in games with friends, it is in your best interest to go against the tide. This will put you in a better position when you want to hit them. Considering that these games are always more relaxed, it will not be difficult for you to achieve this.
  • With implied odds it is better to play speculative hands. But be careful, you don’t have to wait for your hand to have aces. Why not take advantage of your opponents’ play to use it to your advantage? If your friends play a lot of hands preflop (which is what usually happens in poker games with friends), they will tend to stay in postflop play, and that’s like a magnet for speculative hands. Try it and see.

How to play poker with friends for free?

This is the million-dollar question. There is such a wide variety of platforms where to play poker that it is impossible to be clear where to play. Knowing the advantages offered by each one is vital to make the right choice, and in terms of incentives and strengths, Pokerhub is the best app to play poker with friends.

Why? Because Pokerhub is a poker application that has been designed precisely to play poker with friends. The conception changes a lot depending on the meaning given to poker in each application, and in Pokerhub it is understood as a social game where the core of the experience is the company. Why and how to play poker with friends for free at Pokerhub?

In Pokerhub you have the possibility of creating your own poker club to enjoy private games. Its interface is very simple, allowing you to search or start a poker club in just a few steps. This simplifies the whole operation of the users, who can jump directly into the action within seconds of entering the app.

The constant 24/7 action, the huge volume of traffic that guarantees full availability of tables, the variety of games and the possibility of earning rewards for each day of connection as a loyalty reward, are other strong points that will enhance your experience and that of your friends on Pokerhub.