Being a poker dealer is one of the most exciting professions for those who want to enjoy poker from the other side of the table. It is an essential figure that ensures the smooth running of the game and compliance with all the rules. His work is enigmatic for many, and the salary is one of the things that most interest those who are interested in developing a professional career as a poker dealer.

Do poker dealers make good money?

Obviously, it depends on which country you look at. In Spain, professional croupiers sign contracts with base salaries fixed in a range between 12.000 and 18.000 euros, a figure that can vary substantially depending on the tips they receive and the salary supplements that are added. The seniority, experience and performance of the croupier also play a role.

Assuming that the two extra payments are prorated and that the croupier receives the maximum fixed amount, 18.000 euros, his gross salary would amount to 1.500 euros per month. But this figure may increase depending on the house’s promotion policies and how tips are distributed to croupiers.

Salary incentives are important, especially considering that we are talking about a position that requires training and without which live casinos could not function. A dealer is essential for all players to enjoy a game not only of poker, but of any other casino game. Therefore, it is important that the houses expand their staffs, create an attractive promotion scheme and maintain their commitment to salary stability.

If we take the leap to the other side of the pond, the salary range is similar. In the United States, the average croupier’s salary is $17.000 per year, a similar equivalent to that of European croupiers.

How much do dealers in poker make?

Although it cannot be said that the salary of a poker dealer is high, it can reach an attractive figure for those looking for a competitive salary. As we said a few lines above, poker croupier salaries range between 12.000 and 18.000 euros, but it is a figure that often undergoes upward variations thanks to seniority, salary supplements and tips.

Why take tips into account when calculating a dealer’s salary? Because the code of conduct of a good player says that when the game is over, a small tip is given in case of a win for the services rendered.

It must be taken into account that croupiers do much more than deal and supervise: they are figures who are available to the players throughout the game, who have the necessary training to resolve any doubts that may arise and who ensure the smooth running of the game. And it never hurts to have a gesture towards them. Therefore, tips count a lot when calculating how much money a poker dealer earns.

How much do poker dealers make in Vegas?

Las Vegas is a different story. It is the cradle of poker, casinos and games. For a poker dealer, ending up working in renowned casinos in the city of gambling is the summum. Although tips play a key role here because they can swell a dealer’s total salary by a fairly high percentage, the salary range, while remaining in the normal range, is a bit above what is considered an average range in the United States.

The highest salaries on average for these workers are at $19.100 per year, almost $2.000 per year more than the average poker dealer in any other casino in the country outside of Las Vegas could earn.

Although at first glance it may seem a bit unfair to end up working in a Las Vegas casino for a slightly higher salary, the truth is that tips come back into play here. As they are players with more experience and casinos with a great flow of players, the quota of rewards that players can give to the croupiers is significantly higher than the tips that they can handle in other casinos.

That means that, in practice, the salary of a croupier working in Las Vegas can be well over the $20.000 a year mark, a figure that is a boost for those who have trained as croupiers and made it to the top.

If you want to be a poker dealer, don’t forget that training, education, good looks and people skills are essential qualities. Keep this in mind when you apply for a job offer to fill a croupier vacancy and take your first steps in this new professional adventure.