Poker with friends is a splendid way to enjoy the game. It allows you to exchange impressions, play in an atmosphere of trust, test new strategies and maintain healthy competitiveness at all times.

Some platforms are better than others for playing with friends, so agreeing to play together in the same room is essential. And that is where the step prior to the game comes into play: room exploration. Let’s see how to play poker online with friends in the funniest way.

How to play online poker with friends?

There are several ways to play poker with friends nowadays, but the best is undoubtedly to do it through poker clubs. A poker club is a social group created to enjoy poker in a less random and more organized way.

Clubs can be public or private. The public ones allow to create links with other members of the community, while the private ones are those that allow only selected users to join. Many players create private clubs to play poker with friends, and it is one of the best ways to ensure the proper functioning of the table.

Thus, the parameters of the table will be customized according to the preferences of the group of friends, something that is impossible to achieve when playing with other players who do not belong to the same circle or in public games.

Creating a private poker club is very simple, and from Pokerhub any player can create it: just choose a name, an icon that represents it and pass the ID to your friends so that they can search for it. When you accept their login requests, you can start playing.

App to play online poker with friends: how to choose it?

The offer of platforms and applications is so large that to know which one to choose you have to choose a series of criteria. Normally you are looking for an app that weighs little, that is easy to use, that has an agile interface, that is kept up to date, that has continuous support, that has rewards for the loyalty of its community and that has the corresponding security certificates to guarantee its correct functioning. Pokerhub meets all these criteria.

Its app, despite its youth, is emerging as one of the great options for enjoying the social component of poker. Its control is very simple, it allows you to customize the game tables and has a system of daily rewards that increase the prize pool of the most loyal players.

Advantages of playing poker with friends on Pokerhub

Pokerhub is the best online poker app to play with friends. Here’s why:

  • Sharing strategies. One of the biggest advantages of playing online poker with friends is that you improve your analytical skills and can implement strategies by sharing feelings with the rest. In the game you are still rivals, yes, but it is another thing: you can explain the intentionality of a play and try to improve through the sharing of doubts and projects.
  • Less fear of trial and error. Playing with friends does not necessarily reduce the competitiveness of the game, but it is true that you can risk more and practice strategies for when you play with real fire.
  • You get more and better feedback. It is undeniable that by exchanging impressions you can learn a lot, and the truth is that, playing poker with friends, if you bet on sharing feelings during the game, you can get feedback that can be very valuable. Among friends is something that can be done, something unthinkable in public competitive games.
  • It makes the game easier to read. As long as you know your friends, it will be really easy for you to read their game and adjust your strategy. This has a handicap, and that is that it does not train you to play with unknown players, but it is a good way to be sure that you correctly understand the game of your opponents, no matter how well known they are.
  • You can get better references from outside players. If your friends know someone who plays good poker and who they think can play a good role in the club, they will give you references and will have passed an important filter. Better that than blindly accepting a user who you don’t know to what extent he will be involved.
  • It reduces the possibility of sudden dropouts. One of the dangers, and one that is really bad for the table, is to abandon the game early. This interrupts the rhythm, and it is something that happens to a lesser extent in games with friends.
  • You will play for free. If you are looking for the best free online poker site to play with friends, stop searching. Pokerhub is the best online poker app to play with friends for free. And you will earn some rewards just for playing online poker for free with friends day after day!

How to play poker with friends on Pokerhub?

Using Pokerhub is very simple. You just have to download the application and access, either as a guest or through the registration option. Formalizing the registration will allow you to be part of the Pokerhub community, but if you want to access quickly and easily and go directly to the action, you can enter through the “Enter as a Guest” option.

Pokerhub, the best poker app with friends, works like any other social gaming application, allowing the user to make use of an invitation system to send requests to their friends to join their game. It is very intuitive and allows you to get in touch and start new games in a more direct way.