The use of analysis tools to gather information to improve future games is a constant. There are countless software tools available, and in this post, we are going to talk about Sharkscope, one of the many that you can use to measure statistics, quantify data and accumulate useful information to have a global view of your game.

What is Sharkscope Poker?

Sharkscope Poker is not a program, but a website specialized in collecting data and displaying results in tournaments and SNG poker games. It is compatible with a multitude of platforms that include sit & go poker games, so it is ideal both for players loyal to a single app or online poker house, and for those who play on several sites at the same time for different reasons (rake and rakeback variations, for example), and want to have their data in a single place.

What can we use Sharkscope for? Mainly, this site serves two functions. On the one hand, it allows us to check the stored statistics, allowing us to consult any result of one or more sit & go tournaments we have recently played, and also to sift the search according to the predominant poker modality: Texas Hold’em, Omaha poker… Sharkscope also allows us to filter the search for data according to types of tournaments: with a rebuy option, with knockout…

On the other hand, Sharkscope is designed so that other players can be searched, making comparisons on the results and facilitating game analysis by users.

In short: we are talking about a consultation website, not a program to help you play poker. It is important to know this, as well as the functionalities included, which are only for consultation and comparison. In no case does Sharkscope have the ability to act as a software tool or an assistance program for poker players.

Sharkscope ability explained

Sharkscope’s approach is quite simple. As soon as we access the web page, we will have access to a search engine from where it is possible to enter the nickname of any user. If the database recognizes it, we will immediately have access to the player’s statistics, allowing us to make our own analysis of his game and compare his data with ours.

Sharkscope’s ability is based on cross-referencing data, and that is exactly what its search engine offers. In addition, it has several versions, but the free version limits searches, so you have to be careful with what you want to consult. Subscription plans unlock unlimited searches, as well as giving access to some additional benefits: advanced search filters, access to a support software…

Currently, the following plans are available:

  • Sharkscope Free. This is the basic version. It only allows you to make 5 searches every 24 hours.
  • Sharkscope Bronze. Includes 10 daily searches and an advanced filter kit.
  • Sharkscope Silver. Adds more searches, filters and options.
  • Sharkscope Gold. Extends the functionalities to make almost unlimited use of its features.
  • Sharkscope Professional Hand Tracker. This is the professional version, which provides access to very advanced options for expert players.

In addition, Sharkscope can be used on up to 2 devices at the same time, so you can share the account to use it on the devices you use the most to play.

3 Sharkscope alternatives

Although Sharkscope Poker is one of the most recommended options for consulting statistics in the sit & go poker sector, there are several alternatives that can also be useful for consulting data on other players, or to analyze your statistics as a sit & go poker tournament player. Three of these Sharkscope alternatives are:

  • PokerProLabs.
  • Intellipoker.
  • OfficialPokerRankings.

PokerProLabs was born in the shadow of Sharkscope Poker, but over time it has been expanding and extending its functionalities. It is still not at the same level as Sharkscope, since in many aspects this is the reference, but it is a good alternative for those who, for example, want to do free searches and have already consumed the ones that Sharkscope gives in its free version. It has a Spanish version and its Pro version has introduced important improvements.

Intellipoker is another plausible Sharkscope alternative. It is designed as a comprehensive assistance site and has several options to extend its benefits through subscription plans. It is part of the Pokerstars school, so it integrates perfectly within this poker platform, synchronizing all the data automatically and facilitating its access to those who play these tournaments on this platform.

OfficialPokerRankings, commonly known by its acronym OPR, shares Sharkscope’s premise. Its interface is somewhat outdated, although it shares similar features with Sharkscope. Despite the change in design, it is a good place to make all queries about SNG poker tournaments and search for players to cross-check data and get comparative data to analyze.